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Amerikanska musikmagasinet ”NeuFutur, (Ohio)”
Betyg: 7.7/10
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Betyg: 5 /6
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Yahoo News USA
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Anders Burman, music business legend, founder and CEO of the record company ”Metronome” for over 50 years:
-”Wow, i ’ve been waiting a long time for this record! It rocks! It makes me wanna get up and dance…congratulations Kingen on having made the feelgood-party-album of the year”

Eric Bazilian, The Hooters:
– ”Kingen is one of the most exciting performers i ’ve seen in a long time”

Rhonda Reyes, President of Rainmaker Public Relations, Boston USA:
– ”This is AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!”
(Rainmaker PR is launching the album in the US, April-September 2008)

Ryan Franks, Crucial Music Corp. Los Angeles:
– ”…just wanted to let you know that we were really into your music!”
(CMC recently signed Kingen and collegue Stefan Hallgren from ”Black Cat Songs” with the purpose of placing songs from the album
on Feature films, TV-series and Commercials in the USA)