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Born in the small village of Sveg, Härjedalen, Sweden in 1968, Kingen’s exposure while growing up to various rock and jazz icons ultimately forged his own destiny as a rock and roller. While he has been touring non-stop practically since forming his first band at the age of eleven, he broke through to wider fame in the early 90s with both his hard rocking trio and his big band “The Blue Flamingo Orchestra.” He also brought his sharp smile and ripping boogie-woogie style to the legendary Swedish band “The Boppers,” which he played in for several years and still contributes songs to.

Before delving deeper into the old American root music tradition in the early 90’s, Kingen also starred in the feature film “Big Men, Little Men ” and in a big budget worldwide commercial for IBM in Hollywood, where he spoke Norwegian! In 2004, he released his solo Swedish language debut album Close To You, whose multitude of styles includes the 50’s and 60’s soul and rock that has been the driving force in his musical life from the beginning.

In 2008, Kingen is at last releasing the album his fans have been waiting for. Ride With Me combines all of his influences from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and brings together flavors of rock, classic R&B and soul, spiced up with a twist of contemporary urban music. The singer/songwriter’s current influences include Brian Setzer, Outkast, The Faces, Harry Connick, Jr. Duffy, Sharon Jones and The DapTones.

Ride With Me rolls like a spirited ride inside Kingen’s diverse musical upbringing with a lot of crossovers; it’s a musical realm where drum machines meet Rockabilly, a James Brown-attitude meets aggressive drum loops and Scandinavian groove meets Curtis Mayfield. Listeners can also hear echoes from Rod Stewart’s classic 70’s ballads as well as the rocker’s time with Faces.

Not quite retro, not quite contemporary, it’s simply timeless party music made to play loud while dancing like there’s no tomorrow! Ride With Me has 10 original tracks featuring some of Sweden’s finest rock musicians.

Kingen is contantly touring and is avalible for booking in various stage formats; solo, duo, as a trio or full orchestra.

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